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The Justice Coalition works hard to reach out to victims, the community, law enforcement, legislators, the faith-based organizations and local officials while following three objectives:

  • To be available for innocent victims of violent crimes
  • To educate the general public on criminal justice issues
  • To be pro-active in the fight against crime

What We Do

  • Provide immediate crisis intervention by assessing the victim’s needs and implementing an appropriate plan of action.
  • Educate victims regarding their rights as a victim of crime and criminal justice proceedings
  • Network our resources to provide the victim counseling and / or support groups, if needed.
  • Accompany victims to court proceedings. This includes pretrial hearings, trials, depositions, meetings with prosecutors and injunction hearings.
  • Act as a liaison between victims and prosecutors, law enforcement, and the media.
  • Assist victims in applying for victims’ compensation.
  • Assist victims in publicizing rewards for unsolved murders and missing persons.
  • Publish a monthly newspaper that prints crime victims’ stories, pictures of unsolved murder victims,
    missing persons, wanted criminals and much more.
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The Justice Coalition is a non-partisan, non-profit organization serving innocent victims of violent crime on Florida’s First Coast

The Justice Coalition
1935 S. Lane Ave., Ste. 1, Jacksonville, FL 32210

904-783-6312 / E-Mail: