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The Justice Coalition works hard to reach out to victims, the community, law enforcement, legislators, the faith-based organizations and local officials while following three objectives:

  • To be available for innocent victims of violent crimes
  • To educate the general public on criminal justice issues
  • To be pro-active in the fight against crime

What We Do

  • Provide immediate crisis intervention by assessing the victim’s needs and implementing an appropriate plan of action.
  • Educate victims regarding their rights as a victim of crime and criminal justice proceedings
  • Network our resources to provide the victim counseling and / or support groups, if needed.
  • Accompany victims to court proceedings. This includes pretrial hearings, trials, depositions, meetings with prosecutors and injunction hearings.
  • Act as a liaison between victims and prosecutors, law enforcement, and the media.
  • Assist victims in applying for victims’ compensation.
  • Assist victims in publicizing rewards for unsolved murders and missing persons.
  • Publish a monthly newspaper that prints crime victims’ stories, pictures of unsolved murder victims,
    missing persons, wanted criminals and much more.

Some of our Supporters

Sheriff Rutherford

Supporters of the Justice Coalition believe that victims of violent crimes are the true victims and their rights embody the spirit of the law and the patriotic foundations of our society. The Justice Coalition works closely with the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office and Sheriff John Rutherford. Working together with the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office and recognizing the fine efforts of Nassau, Baker and Clay County Sheriff Offices the Justice Coalition has been instrumental in bringing more than 1800 criminals to justice. Sheriff Rutherford even takes part in contributing to the Justice Coalition’s monthly publication, Victims' Advocate, by providing a monthly column called 'From the Sheriff's Desk.'

These are just a few of the Justice Coalition supporters who help in the fight against crime here in Jacksonville. For a listing of more of our supporters and sponsors, and information on how you can help visit our “How You Can Help” page.

The Justice Coalition is also proud to recognize their partnership with WJXT Channel 4 in the monthly broadcast “ Eye on Crime.” This television program is broadcast at 8:00 p.m. on the third Thursday of every month. This program is instrumental in getting the community involved in solving violent crimes in the Jacksonville area and providing them with valuable safety tips. The program features re-enactments of North Florida’s most notorious unsolved cases; all local criminals and cases. Profiles of Jacksonville Most Wanted and LIVE detective phone banks are also part of the monthly program.

Justice can only be served when we bring together those who are willing to fight crime. Will you do your part today in making The First Coast a safer place?

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The Justice Coalition is a non-partisan, non-profit organization serving innocent victims of violent crime on Florida’s First Coast

The Justice Coalition
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