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Justice Coalition assists in making The First Coast safer and provides awareness for the community. We work with victims. We make every effort to bring justice to the forefront in Jacksonville. The Justice Coalition is a faith-based organization that needs community support. Many residents of The First Coast have been touched by crime. The Justice Coalition needs the financial assistance to continue to grow and make a difference. We welcome the support of the community. The only way we can keep our community safe is to work together. To make your tax-deductible donation please call the Justice Coalition today at (904) 783-6312.

Crime cannot be stopped and victims cannot be helped unless we all pitch in and help. There are many programs and ways that you can help the Justice Coalition in making Jacksonville a safer place. Not only will you work to keep the community safe but you can also help those who have become innocent victims of violent crimes.
The Justice Coalition NEEDS VOLUNTEERS:

If you want to know how you can help your community and innocent victims then you can call the Justice Coalition and volunteer.

Volunteer Opportunities Include:

  • Delivering our Victims’ Advocate newspaper
  • Court watching
  • Clerical assistance
  • Research and newspaper writing
  • Fund raisers
  • Posting flyers for missing persons and unsolved murders
  • Special events

For more information about volunteering call the Justice Coalition at 904-783-6312

For Businesses:

JOIN the “Community Watch Program”
The Community Watch team provides additional eyes and ears for law enforcement agencies in the fight against crime. This cooperative effort will exemplify the Justice Coalition’s focus of continual improvement for our city.

Employees of Corporate Jacksonville have the ability to reduce the threat of crime, while enhancing the safety and security of ordinary citizens. To this date, we have twenty-six corporate city leaders who joined our cause--twenty-six who care about Jacksonville. Help us make The First Coast safe again; we need you to do your part in keeping Jacksonville safe. Please join the community watch and help stop the crime TODAY. To join, please contact the Justice Coalition at 904-783-6312.

Advertise in the Justice Coalition’s monthly newspaper the Victim’s Advocate
The Justice Coalition is proud to provide the Jacksonville community and surrounding area with FREE copies of the Justice Coalition newspaper the Victim’s Advocate. This monthly publication provides information on the latest criminals wanted by local law enforcement agencies, missing individuals, and stories from those that have become victims of crimes. Located at several convenient neighborhood sites, this paper helps keep the Jacksonville community aware of what is going on in our city; but we cannot produce the paper unless we earn financial backing from companies and individuals. Is your business willing to help our area and its innocent victims? If you are ready to show The First Coast that you care then call Shirley Shaw, Editor of The Victims’ Advocate at 783-6312. Your continued advertisements and other support keep our communities safe and help innocent victims of violent crime.

Some Current advertisers include: ADT, Kinco, Circle K. Furniture, Inc., Barco-Duval Engineering, Inc, 1050 WROS, Bobcat of North Florida, Big Chief’s Tire Company, Inc., B. Coxwell Contraction, Inc., Lou Webber Tire, Fraternal Order of Police, W.W. Gay Mechanical Contractor, Inc., Firehouse Subs, Kuhn Flowers, McDonalds, Lee and Cates Glass, The Auchter Company, Diamond D. Trailer Sales and Elkins Construction, Inc.

For Residents:
JOIN our Court Watch Program
The Justice Coalition formed a “Court Watch” Program that has a major effect in the courts and for innocent victims of violent crimes. We are extending an invitation to the faith community and concerned citizens to make a difference in our city. There is a great need for concerned citizens and the faith community to get involved again in our court system! Good men and women need to be in our court rooms. Innocent victims need support through difficult and frustrating experiences at the court house. Victims deserve to move the scale of justice back in their favor versus criminals. Those involved in the judicial process will be made aware of the public’s interest and concern. Judges, attorneys, innocent victims of crime, and criminals will see that we care. “We the People” need to get involved in supporting our victims. Are you willing to do your part? Call 904-783-6312.

Join or Start a Neighborhood Watch Program
We cannot prevent crime and help our community unless we watch out for each other. Neighborhood watches show that neighborhoods are taking back their communities from criminals. Help fight crime by asking citizens to look out for each other. Whether at home, or at work, we can help each other by reporting suspicious activity to the police. Start a program by calling the JSO's Crime Prevention Unit at (904) 630-2160or send an e-mail

“Together We Can and Together We Will Make The First Coast a Safer Place.”

Did You Already Give to The United Way?
Did you know if you or your company already gives to the United Way, you can designate the Justice Coalition to be the recipient? Simply fill in the appropriate space on the United Form to read: “The Justice Coalition, Jacksonville, FL"

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The Justice Coalition is a non-partisan, non-profit organization serving innocent victims of violent crime on Florida’s First Coast

The Justice Coalition
1935 S. Lane Ave., Ste. 1, Jacksonville, FL 32210

904-783-6312 / E-Mail: