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Learn what has been happening in our nation on behalf of victims over the last 30 years. And see how locally, almost 20 years ago, a man who didn’t like what he saw happening to victims in the criminal justice process set out to make changes to that system. Read More…

The ultimate crime victim advocate is still working on seeing justice served to one family whose lives were forever changed 50 years ago when their mother was viciously gunned down. Read more…


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Volunteers are welcome at the Justice Coalition. Your time and talents can help victims of violent crimes on the First Coast. Check our volunteer roster for open listings.

Please note that due to our organization's focus on prevention of violent crime and our concern for those who have been affected by it, all volunteers are required to pass a criminal background check.  

Volunteer Roster:

These positions are open:

Clerical staff:  answer phones, prepare promotional packets, and general office work, etc.

Fund raising Support: Volunteer at fund raising events and opportunities to serve on committees such as The Ride For Justice (summer), Champions for Justice Awards Dinner (fall), Shoot for Justice (spring), and the Together We Can Campaign Breakfast (winter).

Post Flyers:  Place flyers for missing persons and unsolved murders.

Newspaper Delivery: Delivering the free monthly newspaper, Victims’ Advocate

Health and Safety Fairs: We need people to man the tables

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The Justice Coalition is a non-partisan, non-profit organization serving innocent victims of violent crime on Florida’s First Coast

The Justice Coalition
1935 S. Lane Ave., Ste. 1, Jacksonville, FL 32210 / 904-783-6312


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