VERDICT: Murder in the Second Degree

​Justice has finally come for Keith Klinedinst who watched as Karla Davis, the woman accused of murdering his son Ian
JC-Verdict-Klinedinst-Webwas convicted on December 11, 2015 of murder in the second degree. It was February 16, 2014 that Ian Klinedinst was murdered while his two precious children who were in the car could only watch.  ​Ian had driven down a public road to meet some friends, and Davis had thought he was the person who burglarized her home earlier. She grabbed her shotgun and simply shot him.

​​We are grateful for the excellent work from the State Attorney’s Office, especially that of Assistant State Attorney Bernie Del a Rionda, and Judge Angela Cox.

Justice Coalition Victim’s Advocate Lysa Telzer was with the family when the verdict was read. She has been by the side of Mr. Klinedinst from the beginning ensuring he knew his rights through the criminal justice process.