Law Enforcement Supports Victims

Most people have no idea what victims and survivors really go through while waiting for the perpetrator to be caught and prosecuted. Victims are often surprised at how

Justice-Coalition-Blog-1-photo-Web-lgin many ways our legal system is designed around the rights of the accused while the victim and/or his family often can feel left out of the process.

Crimes are considered “against the state,” although victims may sue in civil court, as well.

When our state attorney prosecutes, it is to get the criminals off the streets and punished for society as a whole.

Over the last twenty years that Justice Coalition has been in existence, we have worked closely with law enforcement and legal agencies on the First Coast to create a system that is responsive to victims and their families. Justice Coalition ensures coordination so that victims are kept informed as to what is happening with the case, as well as attend all hearings, trials and sentencings with the victims or survivors.

Our First Coast law enforcement agencies are responsive to victims and those who seek to help them. On November 5, at our 7th Annual Champions for Justice Awards dinner, we  will recognize honorees selected by each sheriff of six surrounding counties for their work that aligns with our mission. If your organization would like to support our efforts by becoming an event sponsor or sponsoring a table, click here for more details.