About Us


To advocate for innocent victims of violent crime, educate victims about their rights in the justice system and work with law enforcement to make our communities safer.

Who We Are

Justice Coalition is a grassroots 501 (c) 3 nonpartisan, nonprofit organization that advocates on behalf of innocent victims of crime in a five-county area of Northeast Florida. Victims have rights and Justice Coalition ensures they know those rights. It also provides support and encouragement from the time a crime is committed until the case is closed. Justice Coalition has helped thousands of crime victims by providing services specific to their immediate needs, including collaborating with the State Attorney’s Office, other nonprofits, businesses and volunteers to ensure victims are served.


Justice Coalition began in 1995 because of one man’s experience that changed his priorities. Ted Hires was the average businessman working sixty to eighty hours a week.  His life changed the day he and his staff were robbed at gunpoint. As a victim of crime, Mr. Hires found the criminal justice system worked harder for the criminal than the victim. As a result, Mr. Hires formed Justice Coalition to make the justice system more responsive to victims.

Anyone can become a victim of crime at any time.  No one is immune.  Violent crime is on the rise and touches every walk of life.


Gary Hopkins, Chair
Apple Electric

Luman Beasley
Beasley Auctioneers, Owner

Foster Coker 
EMSI Jacksonville
Editor, Victims’ Advocate Newspaper

Andrea Crutchfield
Community First Credit Union 

Gary Hopkins
Vice President,

Bobby Turner
Jacksonville Clay Target Sports

Mark Ramano
Chief, Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office

T.K. Waters 
Sheriff, Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office
Advisory Board

John Rutherford
Steve Halverson
Bernie de la Rionda
John Kirkland
Charles Wilson 
John Marees
Wayne Willford
Clay Yarborough


Robert Bracewell
Executive Director

Anne Taylor 
Office Manage / Advocate


Aida Quinones
Bilingual Victim Advocate

Lacie Crews
Victim Advocate

Contact Information

The Justice Coalition, Inc.
1935 Lane Avenue South, #1
Jacksonville, FL 32210

Phone: 904-783-6312