Leadership Changes at the Justice Coalition

Following the recent parting of Jo Lee Burton (Executive Director) due to moving out of state the Justice Coalition has hired Robert Bracewell as its new leader.

Bracewell decided after volunteering for more than 15 years he has more to do for innocent victims of violent crime.  Robert has been one of the strongest voices for victims’ rights in Jacksonville for a long while. 

After retiring from the Department of Defense (Navy), in 2006, Robert became involved with the Justice Coalition and was compelled after learning of the terrible tragedies to help the victims and has stuck with the organization through some of its most trying times.  Remembering why Ted Hires founded the organization has been his main focus for helping innocent victims know and understand their rights in the court system.  

The Ted Hires Story, the founder of the Justice Coalition victims’ advocates organization in July 1995. The group, which Hires formed after he was robbed at a Sonny’s restaurant he owned on Lane Avenue, continues to serve as a champion for the rights of victims throughout the city. The Justice Coalition has served some of the most high-profile cases in the country and thousands of victims in its twenty-seven-year history and remains a much-needed resource in North Florida.  

Robert believes that partnering with the business community and North Florida’s leaders, we can make our communities a safer place to live and work for our families.